Letters to Love. Long poem.

dedicated to Morena Baccarin

I'm living in-between the lines
Own books, remembering all by reading
About us in mighty past.
I'm thanking fortune new and last,
As twirl in lall (on tempest's tine
Lies in the grass before stormbreeding);
As poet's dream muse of the nai,
That in the Derbent's mountains reeding;
As greatest Danube's carol streaming
When hugs Morava heaven's tie!
Enamoured hearts in lyring seeing;
As mage, who backs to paradise,
Above the Russ is caring winging
And hell in horror falls to dust.

Nemoybereg. 2003th year.

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In the night of 21 to 22 the astronomical New Year.
Really-real New Year. In this time,
time of the great darkness around
and the Great Lightness in the human souls,
I wish your letters not in your mind,
but in my mailbox: nemoy-bereg@ya.ru